Yesterday, Sunday May 21st,  was another successful day manning the sausage sizzle at the Bunnings Doncaster store. Henry Goralski organised the teams for their morning, or lunchtime, or afternoon three hour shift. He was also in charge of the essential onions.

Henry with his onions.

John Thorburn said the day started slowly, but it gradually became busier after 9.30am as people poured into the store for their hardware purchases.

Waiting for customers.


The aroma from fried onions and the sausages donated by Mauro Bros. Butcher in Tunstall Square was so hard to resist. Plop a squirt of tomato sauce on the sausage, then add the onion and bread, and hey presto there is your late breakfast or brunch. All in all 340 sausages were sold. Great effort!😋😋

John also mentioned that the Bunnings Representative, Sam Cosentino, expressed a desire to bring a team from Bunnings over for a game of barefoot bowls along with eats and drinks. Sam suggested next Sunday at 6 pm. John advised him that a better time would be summer as it is warmer. They have exchanged phone numbers for a further discussion.


The next allocated Sunday for this fund raising event is Sunday July 30th. Ash Rowe has explained that each time this happens there are three separate groups over the day. Each group consists of four people who  have their own special task. Here is a job description:

1.  The Cook….of the sausages and onions.

Ash the sausage chef.

2. The Server….who hands the customer his order.

Henry serving a customer

3. The Cashier…… who handles the EFTPOS machine or provides the change,

Ian checking the EFTPOS machine

4. and lastly The Stocker….. who looks after the condiments and provides a steady supply to the Cook.


The plan is to have 24 member volunteers to make up two rotating teams with each team on call every four months. Ash says that this is not a “hard ask” and it is such a good fundraiser.


Thank you to the 14 volunteers on yesterday’s team who were: Ash Rowe, John Thorburn, Brian Salvage, Trevor Dawson, Henry and Fayette Goralski, Eileen McCormack, Kay and Ian Golding, Jill Ford, Beth Reid. John Phillips, Geoff Allen and Ray Rattray-Wood.

The afternoon team