Forty six employees of several of Phillip Webb’s agencies competed for this trophy. The competition began after drinks and lessons from Lou Anastassiou, Keith Kirby, Peter Caldwell, John Thorburn, Gary Baird and John Nelson.

Phillip Webb presented the trophy to the eventual winners after dinner. This team who called themselves The Donkongs (Doncaster/ Hong Kong) and they were obviously overjoyed.

Thanks to the ladies..Pauline Donovan, Leonie Kirby, Eileen McCormack, and men Brian Donovan, Harry Bunn, Peter Goodman, Matt Cursio, and Gary Baird who helped in the kitchen along with the men who helped outside, and also Geoff Bandy who was the barman. (By the way Geoff’s home was sold last week through Phillip Webb)…Lyn.