POT O’ GOLD – Doncaster Bowling Club


5 October 2017


It was the first Thursday Night Meals for this 2017-18 season and our sponsors ‘Applewood Retirement Village’ as well as ‘Angoves Wines’ were very generous by each donating two hampers. ‘Tobin Brothers’ also donated the lucky member draw.

And luck was in for the nine winners, because just before Brian Morris was about to call the numbers, an enormous bright rainbow appeared. Actually it was two rainbows, arching across the clubhouse. 

Is this our omen for the year? What do they say about bowling? ….line, length and LUCK.

For the nine winners the rainbow led the way to their small ‘pot o’ gold.’ Kathy Rehe won the Lucky Member Draw, Judith Wild and Keith Kilner’s friend from Horsham won the ‘Applewood’ hampers, Geoff Bandy and Geoff Allen won the ‘Angoves’ hampers, Neil English and Matt Cursio each won a chicken, and I have forgotten the other two chicken winners………sorry.

Thank you to my usual team, and also to Irene Garrett, Bruce Wagner, David Purdon, Gerda Van der Peet, and Carmel Egan for all standing in, swapping or exchanging their duty night so that the 120+ members and friends enjoyed each other’s company……Lyn Goodman

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Our double Pot ‘O Gold.

Carla DiMattia with her two hampers from our sponsor ‘Applewood Retirement Village’.

Darius Cheeseman from Angoves Wine with his hampers.

Kevin and Noreen Connell contemplating their decisions.

Eileen has finished one and ready for another.

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