PRESENTATION NIGHT 2017 – Doncaster Bowling Club


29 April, 2017


Presentation night was the culmination of a wonderful 2016-17 Saturday Pennant season. 

Again the fourth side was lauded and cheered. Their banner, their pennant, their medals and the new photo for the wall were displayed. Their new individual photos which Bob Urquhart had made were proudly distributed.

Then the first side handed their pennant to the Chairman Garry Beckett who acknowledged their promotion to division two, with the reminder that now Doncaster is qualified to have teams in Divisions 2,3,4,5 and 7 for the next season.

It was a full day for many. Voting for the selection committee in the morning, a social game in the afternoon, and dinner in the evening.

Super Veterans badges were presented to Joe Agius, Reg Broad, Morrie Keifel, John McPhee and Gerda van der Peet. Gerda’s profile and achievements were many and varied and she still is a champion… on.


The Club Championship Winners for 2017 were announced and awarded and are as follows: 



Runner Up


Open 100 Up H’Cap.

Gerda van der Peet

William Tan

Mixed Pairs

Dianne & Len Dubbeldam

Teresa Bowden & Richard Lovell 

Women’s Triples

Pam McLean

Dianne Dubbeldam

Bette Fordham

Dianne Phelan

Gerda van der Peet

Nicole Carriero 

Women’s Pairs

Joy Salvage

Marion Beckett

Gerda van der Peet

Elizabeth Reid

Women’s Singles

Debbie Code

Elizabeth Reid

Men’s Triples

Brian Donovan

Gary Baird

Peter Johnson

Brian Salvage

Ken Morris   

Barry Hardman 

Men’s Pairs

Terry Gathercole

Ian Golding

Brian Salvage

Barry Hardman

Men’s Singles

Brian Salvage

Richard Lovell  


Lastly June Crouch received a certificate in recognition of her contribution to the Club over more than 20 years.


Thanks to those who set up the tables—they did look smart. Thanks to Bob Urquhart for compiling 300 plus photos of the years activities in a rolling display on the TV for everyone to watch during the night.

Doncaster has had a great year. As Geoff Bandy says loudly, enthusiastically and often “GO DONCASTER!”………. Lyn Goodman.

Many more photos are in the “photo gallery” section click here.


Richard Lovell


Elizabeth Reid


 First side.

Chairman Garry Beckett displaying the new wall photo of the fourth side.


Fourth Side.