Presentation Night at Doncaster Bowling Club 2024.

This year there was entertainment as well as a trophy, prizes and awards. Tak Shum is the audio sound mechanic for the band belonging to the Chinese Senior Citizens Club of Manningham so he organised them come to play and sing. It was a break from what many consider a boring evening unless they themselves are a recipient. The band played and sang a selection of well known 60’s and 70’s hit songs and two Chinese songs. There was one special Chinese instrument called an erhu. Some couples danced.

After a catered meal and the drawing of the donated sponsored raffles it was time for all the presentations.

A trophy went to Fred Duthie as Men’s Champion.🥇🏆 Runner-up Tim Fewster was absent.

Men’s Pairs went to Garry Baird and David Thomas with Matt Cursio and Peter Demeris as Runners-up.

The Mixed pairs winners were Keith Kirby and Sandra Dyer and Runner-up Irene and Brian Garrett.

Open Triples was won by the team of Brian Salvage, Garry Baird and Trevor Dawson, with Fred Duthie, Laurie Hogan and William Tan the Runners-up.

A new category was introduced for this season. The Open ARMS Singles. It was won by John Coles with John Nelson the Runner-up.

The Open 100 Up . The winner was Ash Rowe and Matt Cursio the Runner-up.

Other awards were also presented. The Super Veteran Badges went to John Nelson, Kay Golding, Jill Segan, Irene Garrett, Sandra Dyer and Robert Bateup, Neil English was absent.

Two rinks won “8” badges during the season. Tony Cuce, Gerda van der Peet ( Lou Anastassiou and Graeme McNaught absent.) Also Sandy McDonald, Chris Scane and Eileen McCormack. ( Alton Trufitt absent.)

Five Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Robert Bateup, Irene Garrett and Phil Rock. (Geoff Allen and Neil English absent.)

Appreciation gifts to the season’s umpires were presented to Lou Anastassiou ( absent) David Thomas, Keith Kirby and Elizabeth Reid.

Irene Garrett and Fran Broadfoot presented the Midweek Division 3 banneret to the President Trevor Dawson.

Over 70 people attended so thanks to the many organisers of the evening .👏👏👏😀

Thanks to John Thorburn, my side kick photographer for taking all the table photos. 👍
Lyn Goodman.