A Sunday market is held on Doncaster Hill. This is the area called MC2  right outside the Doncaster library and close to the Civic Centre.

So on the beautiful sunny morning four of our members manned a stall promoting Doncaster Bowling Club. Carolyn Wiltshire, John Nelson, Chris Scane and John Thornburn handed out the new pamphlets which Tricia O’Connor had organised.

The two John’s, Chris and Carolyn met Councillor  Anna Chew who agreed to distribute these pamphlets to the other Councillors .

Well done to these members for organising and giving up your Sunday morning.


By the way, last Friday morning a hardy group of extra gardeners led by Brian Donovan weeded much of the shrub and flower beds and eliminated most of the pesky weeds that had grown uncontrollably during the Covid lockdown when no one was allowed in to keep the garden looking good. Special thanks to Margaret and Glen Wegner.  As well as their weekly Friday gardening duties Gary Baird and Chris Scane did some too. Now we need  some mulch to spread around to keep this under control please. The garden has gone from this…..

to this……