The game was enjoyed in the cooler weather after Melbourne had endured an unusual autumnal heatwave.

The sponsor was Applewood and their representatives Heidi Pratt and Helene Karmieth attended.

Here are the winners of the day.

Brian Salvage and his team won the first prize because they won all three games with the most points up.

Brian Salvage’s team.

Matt Cursio’s team came second under the same rule.

Matt Cursio’s team

The team from Ashburton won a prize as they had most points up in the first game.

The Ashburton team.

John Nelson’s team had most points for the second game.

John Nelson’s team

William Tan’s team had most points for the third game.

William Tan’s team.

Thanks to our sponsors and to Tak Shum for the sending the results and photos.