This is a full day tournament game which this year is sponsored by Applewood.  Applewood is a village retirement community where many of our members live.

It is a three game day, so  for the 40+ participants play begins at 10.30 am and there is a break for lunch.

Today the morning was cloudy but by the end of the day the sun broke though sending the temperature into the 30s,  therefore the bar was well attended at the end of play.

Three teams won all three games , but one of those teams still did not win a prize… obviously were close.
Here are the happy winners, some from the Doncaster teams and others from Ivanhoe and Blackburn, and a combination team.

Above is the combination team which were the overall winners.  Lesley Hayes from Montmorency, Bill Allibon and his son David from Doncaster. Lesley says that her husband Ron is now sacked!

Thanks to John  Thorburn for taking all these photos throughout the day whilst he was playing, and thanks to both John and Dinesh Balgovind for the information……Lyn Goodman.