Once again Peter Hanson has helped to coordinate years 10 and 11 students from Doncaster Secondary College in part of their sports program.

Over three days there will be seven sessions and therefore seven different classes of girls and boys who will learn the fundamental skills of bowls. To do this Peter has called on members to help.

Here are those recruits who said “ Yes.” From left to right; Peter Caldwell, Ian Hampson, Pete .Hanson, Peter Horton, John Nelson, Peter Demeris, Matt Cursio, Ray Rattray-Wood, John Coles, Lou Anastassiou and John Thorburn. Plus Trevor Dawson who was attending a Board meeting.

Thanks to John Thorburn who willingly took most of these photos during today’s ie. the Thursday morning and afternoon sessions.

So on Thursday February 22nd there were two sessions, Friday February 23rd there are three and the last two are on Tuesday February 27th.