On May 22-23 the state wide 2021 RSL Duke of Edinburgh Shield bowls tournament was held and 18 members from Doncaster spent the weekend playing at Mulwala Bowls Club, which was the host club for their section.

Darryl Bishop has been involved and organised this weekend away for our members for many years, but you must be a member of the Doncaster RSL to be invited.

Wives and partners came also and spent the days sightseeing, socializing and shopping. Johnny Phillips cooked a terrific BBQ for everyone on Saturday night.

Friday evening drinks

The bowls was a round robin competition against five other clubs; Mulwala, Frankston Sharks, Geelong, Hampton and Werribee. Here  is Darryl’s summation of the play.


Doncaster, for the first time since 2009, was the proud winner of the bannerette…….much to Geoff Bandy’s noisy enjoyment.

Doncaster’s result will now be compared with the winners of all other venues in search of the state winner. The state winner will receive the Shield.

Bannerette and Sheild comparison

Next year the weekend is on April 9-10, 2022……Lyn.

Oops, I forgot to thank Pauline Donovan who was the weekend’s photographer.👍👍


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Update June 14th from the Doncaster RSL Sub Branch Facebook page.