The Social Committee organised a very successful Italian evening. Forty members and friends attended for a  delicious two  course meal plus pizza slices to have with drinks. There were two sauces, one with beef and one with creamy chicken to accompany different pastas, then refreshing real vanilla icecream/ gelato for sweets.

The ladies worked hard during the previous days organising , decorating and also preparing  for our dinner and then entertainment. And what fun entertainment it was. A special Grand Prix. There were three racing cars; a Lamborghini, an Alfa Romeo and a Maserati. Those who had sons in their family obviously had an advantage knowing which buttons to press . The race track was up the middle of the room, around a chair and back to the finishing line. Obstacles just seemed to get in the way…table legs, chair legs and opponents cars. Cars went backwards, sideways and one or two completely under a table to the other side.

There were heats from each table, semi finals and then the final. Golden cups were the prizes. Austin Pye who is a friend of Bob Urquhart ‘s was first, Gary Baird second and George Pouki was third. There really wasn’t time for dancing, too much fun watching the car races.

Congratulations to Beth Reid, Irene Garrett, Fran Broadfoot, Lorraine Anderson, Trisha O’Connor, Sandy McDonald, Barb Benson and Anna Pouki, who are  our new Social Committee ladies who have organised two events in eight days. Both very successful in enjoyment and raising money….$ 970 and that’s without bar takings.??


The Grand Prix antics are real laugh….The photos are now in a slideshow or slider format. If you want to see an  enlarged photo just tap on the screen  and it will become bigger .???? Lyn.

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