Due to a large 15,000 letterbox drop sponsored by Phillip Webb and then delivered by nearly every member of our club into a wide catchment area ( Brian Donovan planned and organised this  from start to finish) we attracted many people to come and try their hand at a lesson in bowling.

The day ran very smoothly, Bernie Mullens was outside as a welcoming face and a meeter and  greeter. He stayed all day from 11am till 4pm, a marathon effort. Once inside, those interested people saw Margaret Parker and Keith Kilner who were on the  registration table. They were there all day too.

Over the day there were many members  who were paired with the visitors to show them the  basics of delivery and method.

Sixty people came through our doors, most had a try down on the greens,  most had a BBQ sausage or two, and then scones jam and cream once inside again. Because of this day we have six new members and about 10 more people who are really interested.

The Deputy Mayor Anna Chen and Councillor Dot Haynes also dropped by.

Thankyou to all those Doncaster bowlers who came all day, thanks to those who came for either the morning or afternoon sessions, thanks to the BBQ men and the ladies in the kitchen baking and serving the scones. A special thankyou to Brian Donovan  as the enthusiastic driving force behind this day.