It was down to the last game after afternoon tea as to who would win the Ringwood Mazda Challenge. Eventually George Hindi’s team consisting of himself, his wife Sandy, and (sub) lead Bill Smith (usually Oska Setyana) won the $300 prize money. It was a tie for second between Eddie Azzopardi’s and Ting Ho’s team, so each player received $50.

Other winners on July 9th were: two games winner with the most shots up..Ting Ho’s team again, two game winners with the second most shots up…David Norman’s team, and first game loser but second game winner ..Richard Lovell’s team.

Lucky lead…Lidia Susnich, lucky second …Dianne Phelan, and lucky skip was Pauline Bennett.

Most players stayed on for an enjoyable pizza tea planned by the Social Committee.

Ringwood Mazda has been a great sponsor to our club and in return eight members have bought cars from them in the last year.

This ten week challenge takes much organisation,whether it be writing out the cards, buying and selling the pies, calculating the scores, preparing outside, or cleaning up, so thank you to all those who helped week after week. Brian Donovan, Phil Rock, Robert Bateup, Sandy McDonald, Sandra Dyer, Kathy Rehe, Maurice Ryan, and Ash Rowe, you are a real asset to DBC.

Let’s do it again next year…..Lyn Goodman. 

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