Victoria Bowls Club in Ballarat and Doncaster Bowls Club in Melbourne have, for the last 38 years had a yearly exchange to each others premises in order to play a friendly game of bowls.

NB.  Continually for the 32 years, Gerda van Der Peet has been journeying along and enjoying this day. Now that’s a real record.

Of course there has been a hiatus because of Covid, but on Sunday January 8 the bus took off again. Amongst the Doncaster players four members from Templestowe Bowls Club joined in. They all departed at 9.30am and were in Ballarat by noon.

Julie the bus driver.

Instead of the usual evening meal a delicious BBQ lunch was served consisting of salads, sausages and marinated chicken wings. Whilst people were eating this food, the combined teams were being selected ; 15 teams of fours from the  60+ players.

They played 11 ends, and had a welcome break because of the heat.

They then  played another eight ends before coming inside for prize giving at approximately 4.30 pm.

Winners with their prizes.

Thanks for the BBQ


Many Thankyous and speeches ensued. Here are the two Club organisers Peter  Elshaug and Phil Rock shaking hands.

Peter Demeris saying thanks.

Then it was time for drinks and conversation once more.


BUT when it was time to go the bus would NOT start!! There were many offers of accommodation from the Ballarat group. Thankfully they were not needed, the motor ticked over, the  bus was on its way and home to Doncaster by 8pm


Content supplied by Phil Rock, photos supplied by both Nicole Carriero and Phil Rock.

Lyn Goodman.