During the 1980’s membership  ballooned to capacity of 350 ( in 1986)  with a long waiting list. There were alterations and additions to the club house and in July 1982 Doncaster was granted a full liquor licence  which resulted in splendid monetary returns— $15,450 in the first seven months.

In 1983-4 there were ten Pennant teams on Saturday and six on the Tuesday. The top Saturday Pennant team won two white flags, the first in 1984-5 and the second in 1986-7. There were published articles in the Age, the Sun, the Doncaster and Templestowe News and in the Bowls in Victoria magazine of this achievement.

The Inaugural Australia Games Bowls was held over six days at Doncaster in the 1984-5 season. Then in 1986-7 Doncaster hosted Capita Clash of the World Champions which was attended by 600 spectators.

As well as Pennant Games there were many other well organised activities. Chicks of the Green, Turkey Triples, Inter Club games, Gala Day, Presidents Day, Carnival Night, Invitation Fours, Electric Light Pennant, Carpet Bowls,  ( sorry those two are Pennant) , Wednesday Bowls, and Charity Day just to name a few. Socially there were monthly Dinner Dances, Smorgasbords and Steak Nights along with Bingo. The popular Thursday Night Meals were started in 1986-7. There was a Newsletter.

In 1984 there was a Presentation Night which included a six course dinner.

A new green was laid in 1991 and in the following year Doncaster hosted two test matches between Victoria and Tasmania.

For two consecutive years, 1995-6 and 1996-7 , Doncaster also hosted Grand Final Breakfasts. Five hundred spectators came.

Please note that one of the special guests was the Minister of Sport, the Hon. Tom Reynolds, the father of our own member Tom Reynolds.

The 50th Anniversary celebrations were held in the clubrooms in March 2002.

Can you recognise any of the current members?? I can.

The years rolled on and by just  purusing  the A.G.M. reports (up to the year 2000) I see that not much changes. Pennant teams rise and fall, selectors have problems, the club house, the greens and surrounds need maintenance, attitude, commitment, coaching, skills and practice attendance is commented upon and the ladies work  hard in the kitchen.

Someone wrote this poem which was in the 1996 A.G.M. booklet………..and included in the Brian Christiansen’s report. Brian was the Chairman of the Social Committee.

“From a member I quote the following verse with a distinct message.

Are you an active member,

The kind that would be missed?

Or are you just contented,

Your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings,

And mingle with the flock?

Or do you stay away,

Yet criticise and knock?

Do you take an active part,

To help the work along?

Or are you satisfied,

To be the kind who just belongs?

Do you push the cause,

And really make things tick?

Or leave the work to the few,

And talk about the ” Clique”

Think this over member,

For you know right from wrong.


Some words to think about as we pass our 70th anniversary…….Lyn.