Every now and then the kitchen needs a ‘ deep clean.’ Over my seven+ years as the providore and / or food hygiene officer I have had it done several times, usually in the winter as that is when it is used the least.


It is carried out by contractors and takes all day….or all night.!
It has been three years between cleans this time because of Covid lockdowns, but this week was the week.



Everything needs to be removed out into another space because of the chemicals used and to give the cleaners a clear working area. They clean the canopy on the back wall, the exhaust fans, hot plates, cooking top, all the stainless steel tops and benches, hot press and bain marie, and this year also the floor, which means moving all the fridges, freezer and plate warmer…..A real deep clean.


So thanks to Ash and Tak for the Monday move of goods and utensils, and thanks again to Ash, Tak and Trevor for replacing all the equipment again on Thursday in readiness for the Ladies Fashion day on Friday morning.….Lyn Goodman.