The laidback firsts win their semifinal.

It was a win for the first semifinal, which means that the team doesn’t have to play till next Saturday in the Grandfinal. Which also means that Doncaster are back in Division 2 for next year.

Well done😃.

Before the game commenced they were so laid back that Brian was on the phone organising the pool maintenance man at home and

Cliff was finishing his cup of coffee during Tim’s huddle speech.

There were many ends which needed a measure.

Towards the end of the game a stand-in umpire was called for because, David, the umpire of the day, tripped and twisted his ankle. He was bench resting with the ankle encased in ice.🙁

The final score was close, but as Judy reiterated, “ A win is a win.”

Lyn Goodman.