Peter Hanson received a call late Wednesday afternoon asking if the Liberal Party could use Doncaster Bowling Club on Election night for the Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s after party.

The next 60 hours saw the club rooms change from green, gold and brown to a sea of blue. Furniture was completely removed, the bar restocked, two platforms erected, and a multitude of audio, TV, camera and transmission equipment set up inside and outside. Banners, corflutes, posters and flags dominated any available wall space. Security and the police checked the building for bugs and every single exit, if needed.

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On Saturday afternoon the security gentleman was positioned at the front door, and supporters were gathering by the time Pennant had ended. A small group of bowlers enjoyed drinks outside and went straight home, the three barmen changed into their black ‘Angoves’ shirts as the polls closed and election night celebrations got underway. About 200 supporters watched the tally count but when ……

I returned about 8pm to take these photos, I found a room full of glum people intently watching the five TVs each of which were tuned into a different channel. No good news for the Liberal Party.

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Still the party continued. Matthew Guy arrived about 11 pm to great applause and to address the assembled crowd with his concession speech.

Thank you to all of the members who came on Friday to stack and store the furniture, remove the Xmas decorations and generally clean up. Thanks to Elaine for buying kitchen supplies, thanks to Geoff and Laurie for driving out for extra stock, thanks to Geoff, Laurie and Peter Caldwell for working the bar all night,

thanks to Ian Golding for supervising early at the start of the night and the biggest thanks to Peter Hanson for liaising and co-ordinating the whole kit and caboodle…an enormous job in such a small time. 

This again is a very good revenue raising event for our club. All four men were still there at 1 am. Eventually the bar boys left at 2am after packing up the bar.

Here are some extra photos by John Thorburn and Peter Caldwell taken durning the setting up ( bump in?) and when Matthew Guy arrived.

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Lyn Goodman.