After careful planning and time spent on the phone, Carolyn Wiltshire is to be applauded for her hard work. Seventy members, partners and friends had a good time swapping news with friends and having a laugh.



The main course was delicious and was presented nicely, not a grizzle there. Sweets were, well, sweet.


Robert Batup as the M.C. moved the evening along at a good pace, because there was plenty to get through . First on the agenda was the lucky membership  number  provided by one of the clubs sponsors Tobin Bros.  You had to be in attendance to win.  After several draws whose number appeared on the screen? …….embarrassingly Robert’s own.

Then there was a $50 movie pass, Billie Thorburn won that.  Next we played Irene Garrett’s famous or infamous Bingo games of which there were two. Again the Thorburn’s won, more outcries from the room! It was the first completed line only and John selected a striped shopping bag.  Elaine Kleinert won the second game and took home $5.



Barry Hardman’s guest was his cousin Brian who has lived and worked in Alaska for the past 44 years. He is now retired and lives with his wife  on the Kenai Peninsula where the salmon fishing is excellent. His home is out in the countryside where wandering around are all kind of wild things. Moose,  bears, (one of which he had to shoot as it came too close to his wife while she was feeding the domesticated chooks), spruce hens and caribou just to name a few. Brian would have to be our most far flung visitor ever.


No wild meat here for our Alaskan visitor.

No wild meat here for our Alaskan visitor.


The funniest and best part of the night was the “Guess Who is in the Photo”   competition. We had been  asked to bring a photo of our younger selves. Fifteen members did, with childhood and teenage years dominating . Sporting activities, weddings, balls, holidays and dress-ups. It really was a hoot, and so hard in the 30 seconds on the TV screen to visualise who the person was. The table which consisted of mostly Applewood members won the chocolates with 9 correct answers out of 15.

A big thanks to Brian Garrett for downloading the photos to a file for the TV.


Those who brought along their photos


Thanks to John Thorburn and Irene’s friend Dulcie for the extra photos, and Geoff Bandy on the bar.

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