So much has happened in one week, here are some activities.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when the teams were pitted against each other in the Second Monday Triples.

Thankyou to Fletchers Real Estate who are the sponsor for this day, and as usual Milan Kinda came to congratulate the winners and to distribute the envelopes.

Winners of both games with most shots up were the trio of Sandra and husband and wife Irene and Brian.

Winners of the second most shots up were the everlasting threesome of Brian, Bill and Ray.

Winners of first game losers but who won their second game with a good margin were Matt, Dianne and Trevor.

Most players enjoyed a chat and a drink afterwards.

The Christmas hampers have been put together. We thank Pauline Donovan and Leonie Kirby for all the years that they have created such a tremendous annual display.❤️👏❤️👏 Eighteen years is a marvellous effort!! This is the last time Pauline and Leonie are doing the hampers because the Donovans are moving to a new home in Croydon.

Thanks also to Beth Reid for shopping for extra items.

The Social Committee decorated the Christmas tree.

A new outdoor sign advertising barefoot bowls was erected.

Both greens will be top dressed separately over the Christmas break so an enormous truck load of sand was delivered. The back green will be done first and then the front green second.

A section of Johns Lyng employees came for a Friday afternoon of bowls , pizza and drinks. Their coaches were Peter Hanson, John Nelson and John Thorburn. John says that they were reluctant to leave.

It was a busy week. Thanks to John Thorburn for many of the photos and much of the information…..Lyn Goodman.