Due to worries over the COVID-19 Virus Dinesh made the sensible decision to end the Night Tournament with only four rounds played. All evenings have been played in perfect balmy weather. Last night was no exception.

The five winning teams were announced during supper and drinks. They were:

Fifth place a Lilydale team which included a 23 year old skip.

Fourth, Frank Grasso’s team. They had been leading until tonight. What a dark horse and a very pleasant surprise, well done.!

Third went to Carl Giardina’s  team whom played Frank’s team tonight. Note that they couldn’t wait to open their winnings..ha ha.

Coming in second was Gary Baird’s boys consisting of Pennant firsts players, so they should be up there….no excuses.

The winners were Teresa Bowden from Donvale and her team, I don’t know which club they attend.

Congratulations to all winners.  Thankyou to Dinesh especially, for organising this competition, and to Nicole for collecting the fees.

The way this virus is affecting our lives maybe this will be the last time our club is used for several weeks or months. We do live in interesting times….Lyn.