VALE FRANK WOODCOCK – Doncaster Bowling Club


Frank Woodcock who played in both the teams that won Doncaster’s Division One’s white flags has died.

Two white flags have been won by Doncaster. The first in the season of 1984-5 and the second in 1986-7. Frank Woodcock was a lead in the 1984-5 team and a third in the 1986-7 team. How wonderful to play in a final, how much better to win a flag, how special it must have been to win a Division One white flag, let alone two. Vale Frank Woodcock, who was part of the team that was history making for Doncaster. R.I.P……..Lyn Goodman.

PS. I have just learnt that these two white flags were won before Bowls Victoria had Premier sides. So these wins were ‘top of the tree.’

Vale Frank Woodcock centre front.

On the top photo Frank is standing right behind the number 4 on the flag.

On the bottom photo he is back row, third in from the left.