Ken was such a happy jovial bloke. His mates were his friends. He was pragmatic, he always acted straight down the line, his character was black and white, he called a spade a spade, but if you got to know him you liked him.

An only child, Ken was born in 1940 and lived in Coburg with his Mother and Grandparents. He attended Coburg Technical School and became a fitter and turner or boilermaker. He was first employed at Containers Pty Ltd in Bell St Preston and then at Bostik Industries in High St Thomastown where he met the greatest love of his life, his wife Carol.

Another of his loves was the game of bowls. He was introduced to bowls by a Coburg neighbour when he was only 30 years old. Over the years he played for clubs near to where he was living ; Moreland, Glenroy, Lalor, Templestowe and Doncaster. He would take new bowlers under his wing encouraging and supporting them and also taking them to other club’s Tournament days. In 2007 Ken had his first stroke just after he and Carol moved into the Domaine Retirement Village and while there he enjoyed the In-house Monday competition. If he wasn’t playing at Doncaster he was playing somewhere! He played Club Pairs with Peter Caldwell and one year was Runner up in those Pairs with Claude Plain another year he was in the Triples Runners up with Brian Salvage and Barry Hardman. He was still winning at Club competitions and tournaments in 2022.

Men’s Triples Winners, 2018-2019
Still winning 2022

He had a couple of businesses over the years, one was a taxi truck come furniture removalist business in Northcote with his Father-in-Law, another was making shower screens in Canberra, this time with a friend.

Another great love were his cars. He has had Jaguars and Celicas and of course the Mercedes.

For 40 years he with Carol, loved using their timeshare in Coolangatta and would live there over the winter months. He didn’t like to show his bare legs so given the warm weather on the Gold Coast that took some thoughtful dressing.

Finally he loved the RSL. He always went on the Edinburgh Shield Weekend and also loved raising money for Remembrance Day at the local shopping centre. Peter Caldwell was again his partner.

Ian Golding has written about his Doncaster Bowling Club years.

He was a member at Carlton Football Club, he and Dinesh Balgovind would regularly attend home matches together.

To sum up, he was kind, very giving of his time, supportive and a loveable larrikin, so


This coming Friday October 20th, there is a Wake for Ken at our bowling club, starting 3pm. All his friends are invited. Please come and reminisce and remember him with your stories, I am sure there will be many.

Written with help from Ken’s sister-in-law Susan Tulloch, Dinesh Balgovind, Peter Hanson and Peter Caldwell….Lyn Goodman.

Post Script and update. Friday 20th October.

Ken’s Wake was held this afternoon. It was obvious how well he was liked. There were fellow residents from Domaine, several relatives and many bowlers from Doncaster and Montmorency. I estimate that there were about 80 people who came to reminisce and partake in a lovely afternoon tea as well as drinks all organised by Susan. Thanks Susan that was a very thoughtful gesture….Lyn.