WINTER WANDERINGS – Doncaster Bowling Club

Each winter many of Doncaster’s members travel to interesting, iconic and unusual places both within Australia and overseas. I asked for photos. Several people happily emailed some. Now can you work out who went where? See how places and faces you can identify.

There are 13 photos. At the bottom of the page are the answers of where they were. How many of the 13 locations did you guess or know? …………Lyn Goodman.

1. Where was Eileen McCormack?

2. Where were Mabel and Tony Cuce?

3. Where were Kay and Ian Golding?

4. Where were Max and Elizabeth Zalkos?

5. Where was Richard Lovell? I know, he did not have a photo of himself here, but he went there.

6. Where is Dinesh Balgovind?

7. Where is Nikki Carriero?

8. Where is Ash Rowe?

9. Where are Lyn and Peter Goodman?

10. Where is Tim Fewster?

11. Where is Joy Salvage?

12. Where is Caroline Wiltshire?

13. Where is Carl Giardina?


Here are the answers.

1. Eileen is getting a drenching near the Niagara Falls.

2. Mabel and Tony are walking part of the Great Wall of China.

3. Kay and Ian are at Operation Pitch Black in Darwin.

4. Max and Elizabeth are in Singapore.

5. Richard is only visiting not staying in Port Arthur in Tasmania.

6. Dinesh is in his office in Suva Fiji.

7. Nikki is in Mykonos in Greece.

8. Ash is at the Himeji Castle in Japan.

9. Peter and Lyn are riding zodiacs at the Montgomery Reef off the Kimberley’s.

10. Tim is in Norfolk Island (Is this part of Carl’s seafood  platter?)

11. Joy is in Greenland. She said ” Greenland was icy and Iceland was green!.” It was only 5 degrees when the photo was taken outside the museum in Qaqortoq.

12. Caroline was on the Athabasca glacier in Canada.

13. Carl is in Khao Lak in Thailand.