In front of about 50 spectators Peter Hanson  and Tom Reynolds played off to see who would be this year’s club champion.

Both men are in the top Saturday Pennant side and love their sport. Tom has played bowls since he was 21. He first played in the 1986-7 season and has played at  West Brunswick, Essendon, King Island, Alice Springs, Wangaratta,  Wodonga  Country Club and MCC……wherever his work takes him. Bowling is in his genes. Tom’s Paternal Grandparents both played bowls, his Grandma was a champion at Romsey and also won the Central Highlands Championship.

Peter has played  Aussie Rules and cricket since a young man. He played A Grade District cricket  for Hawthorn where he also coached in the 1990’s. He was introduced to bowls though his late Brother -in- law Creighton Parker and began bowling in 2016. He remembers his first Pennant game because it was on his birthday.

With that background we were promised a high standard to watch and that it was.

Finalists with the Bowls President

Finalists with the Bowls President

Peter was like a cat on hot bricks, he is a very intense player whereas Tom seemed calm and collected. Neither  player has ever been in a final before.

For the first 10 ends it was very close with only one or two shots apart. Peter then pulled ahead and drew it out to six the difference. By the second last end it was Peter 24 to Tom’s 22.

But what a last end (not that either they or we knew it was to be) Tom scored a four to bring the final score Peter 24 , Tom 26.

Tom is only now realising his four winning bowls.

Tom is only now realising his four winning bowls

The spectators got their money’s worth watching 32 ends of really good quality bowls.

Well done and CONGRATULATIONS  to Doncaster’s 2021 Champion Tom Reynolds, also well done to Peter Hanson a worthy Runner up.

Thanks to Garry Baird, Ash Rowe, Elizabeth Reid, Gerda Van der Peet and Geoff Bandy for their parts in running this evening.

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I have not edited any photos this time, I wanted the long spacey shots.