Melburnians are so glad to be out and about, and because of that,  Peter Hanson has been fielding many calls from surrounding companies and schools for their Xmas break-up parties. In the last two weeks Biralee and Doncaster Gardens Primary Schools, Templestowe Veternary Clinic, Mitre 10, Mannacare, Ling Builders, and Trident Financial Group have been entertained at our Club. Over 200 people.

There is a story to this photo. The heavens opened and in the following downpour  John Thorburn was trapped here with the ladies. No way back to the clubhouse, the greens flooded.( see more photos in the slide show at the end of the article.)

Barefoot bowls, drinks, nibbles or a sit down meal have been the order of the day. Lunch time, afternoon or evening, you name it,  and people have been enjoying themselves.

Peter Hanson has been the busy perfect host, welcoming everyone as well as helping John Thorburn outside and cooking inside. Also helping John outside were: John Nelson, Chris Scane, Lou Anastassiou, Bernie Mullins, Peter Caldwell, Neil English, Tony Maruzzi, Tak Shum, and Bob Rusling.

Working behind the bar for every group has been Geoff Bandy…what a stalwart, Ian Golding has helped also.

The cooks were Brian Donovan, Brian Garrett, Mick Christodoulou, Peter Goodman and Peter Hanson.

There were many kitchen staff: Fran Broadfoot, Sandy McDonald, Margie Parker, Anna Pouki, Irene Garrett, Kay Golding , Lorraine Anderson, Barb Benson, Kay Bishop, Sandra Dyer, Jennifer Craig, Terri O’Brian, Kathy Rehe, Elaine Kleinert  and myself,  along with the ‘washers up’ John McPhee, Brian Salvage, and Peter Goodman.

If I have forgotten someone’s name I do apologise . Please let me know and I will include them .

How much was raised?? A whopping $5,700. So THANKS to all those helpers.👍👍👍👏👏👏

Thanks again especially to John Thorburn and Brian Garrett for lots of photos. Now, please  anyone at anytime can take a photo and send it to me, ……the more the better and with 100% of us carrying a mobile phone now-a-days , please help!!!!

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