This year Doncaster Bowls Club is a popular place  to hold Xmas break-up events.

On Friday 4th Birralee Primary School had such a happy afternoon/evening, first enjoying coached barefoot bowls then drinks and a sit down BBQ dinner with sweets and a quiz.

Forty five teachers came. They had not been together as a group since March because school lessons have been held online or via Zoom . Even when the pupils returned to the classrooms the teachers and Staff Rooms have been separated into different grades.

Lou Anastassiou, Peter Caldwell, Neil English, Tony Maruzzi, John Nelson and John Thorburn were the necessary coaches.

Brian Donovan, Peter Goodman and Peter Hanson were the efficient chefs, Geoff Bandy was the barman, and helping me in the kitchen were Margie Parker, Fran Broadfoot, Sandy McDonald and Anna Pouki.

A big THANKYOU to all these helpers , you are so needed to run these events. This was the first time Peter Hanson was at the helm and  believe me he did a terrific job.

Here is John Thorburn’s summary of the evening.

“They were a happy group. I coaxed? ( I am not sure if John meant coached )all of the 45 teachers to bowl and they had fun. One very good bowler was the Maintenance man. Many had plenty to drink and became quite loud. I encouraged them to visit the barman and they did. They enjoyed having their photos taken and asked me to do a special group photo, for which I received a cheer. The school has 600 pupils and the Principal is very popular. He informed me that they had done away with the strap. I did not discuss Covid but they indicated that it was good to get out again.”

After the meal the bowling club staff were asked to come out from the kitchen to be thanked. That was pretty special.

Thanks to John Thorburn for many of these photos.     Lyn Goodman.