There was a Men’s Triples Championship final match between Bundoora and MCC. This was won by MCC, the team consisting of Dan Mars, Scott Mejean and Ben Winther, these men will now represent Yarra Region in Bendigo come March.

The singles matches that were played, were the first knockout round of the Champions of Champions.

The Ladies Singles between Montmorency and Richmond Union was won by Tracey McCormack from Richmond Union.

Then there were five Men’s Singles. Doncaster’s club champion Brian Salvage playing his opponent from Templestowe. It was a close game at the end with Brian loosing to Mark Gregor. The other winners were Brendon Gallagher (Auburn), Rod Purnell (Richmond Union), Shane Waddingham (Darebin City), and Aaron Van Haaften (Rosanna).

All the scores were very close. 24 to 23, 23 to 18, 24 to 22, 24 to 26, 24 to 25,and 19 to 9, and the Triples 18 to 15. Anyway this is what the score boards indicated next morning.

The bar was well patronised, due to all the onlookers. There must have been 60 people watching.

It was a perfect night under lights to play on our perfect greens.

Now, this coming Sunday our very own Sue Tyson and Cliff Wigney play in the mixed Pairs at Alphington at 9.45am. All the best Sue and Cliff…….further updates next week…..Lyn.

Tues. 20th. Sue and Cliff went down by 3, and the week before Teresa and Richard went down but 3 also, and Lyn and Tim went down by 2. Thems the breaks,…..Lyn.


Start of play.


During play.


The Triples deciding what to do.




Geoff Bandy working hard.


A perfect evening for either playing or watching.


Joy Salvage watching Brian.