2018-19 Saturday Pennant

Bowls Victoria Saturday Pennant Draws

Below you will find the selected TEAMS for Saturday Pennant.

Match Date
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Section Semi Finals
9 March 2019
Division 5 Section 4

**Please Note: Selected teams subject to change prior to match day. The Noticeboard at the Club has the latest information**

Below you will find the RESULTS for our Saturday Pennant.

Round Match Date Click below for Results Rink of the Week
1 6 OCT 2018 RESULTS W. Redman, M. Syme, G. Van der Peet & L. Holstock +23
2 13 OCT 2018 RESULTS L. Susnich, A. Newstead, R. Rodger & A. Cuce  +21
3 20 OCT 2018 RESULTS B. Morris, D. Balgovind, P. Demeris & M. Cursio  +22
4 27 OCT 2017 RESULTS P. Johnson, A. Trufitt, D. Norman & D. McKenzie +23
5 3 NOV 2018 RESULTS K. O’Brien, K. Phelan, A. Newstead & F. Broadfoot  +18
6 10 NOV 2018 RESULTS L. Goodman,T. Bowden, M. Cursio & B. Donovan  +25
7 24 NOV 2018 RESULTS L. Sunhich, K. Golding, R. Rodger & A. Cuce  +22
8 1 DEC 2018 RESULTS L. Anastassiou, D. Dubbledam, G. Rosa & P. Mc Lean  +21
9 8 DEC 2018 RESULTS L. Anastassiou, D. Dubbledam, G. Rosa & P. McLean +22
10 9 DEC 2018 RESULTS L. Sushich, M. Kiefel, A. Rowe & G. Beckett +10
11 16 DEC 2018 RESULTS O. Scanlan, G. Nichols, J. Phillips & T. O’Brien +19
12 12 JAN 2019 RESULTS K. Jenkins, M. Kiefel, J. Thorburn & G. Beckett +25
13 19 JAN 2019 RESULTS K. Smith, M. Cursio, P. Demeris & N. Mathys   +24
14 2 Feb 2019 RESULTS  D. Purdon, B. Allibon, R. Urquhart & R. Wright +30
15 9 Feb 2019 RESULTS K. Phelan, J. Young, H. Bunn & J. Manders +20
16 16 Feb 2019 RESULTS G. Rosa, R. Bateup, A. Rowe & K. Kilner +25
17 23 Feb 2019 RESULTS G. Rosa, R. Bateup, A. Rowe & K. Kilner  +15
18 02 Mar 2019 RESULTS F. Sette, C.Wigney, K. Morris & G. Baird  +22
19 09 March 2019

Vermont South (4) 84 shots

Doncaster (4) 66 shots

Section Semi Finals

Finals Team

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Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play

The Metropolitan Pennant competition Conditions of Play were updated prior to the commencement of the 2018-19 season. To review a summary of these changes, please click here.

BV Rules of Competition 2016 – 2017


All players must ensure their attire complies with Bowls Victoria’s dress regulations. Please click here for Bowls Victoria’s Regulations for Attire to ensure you’re wearing the appropriate kit.


If a ‘Code Red’ Fire Day is announced for the Central Fire District on a day of play, all Metropolitan Pennant Competitions will be abandoned, and no results will be required to be submitted.

Play cannot commence if the temperature at the Club’s Designated BOM Weather Station has reached 36 degrees Celsius or above at the scheduled commencement time of the match, play may be suspended for up to 1 hour.

If the temperature fails to fall below 36 degrees Celsius within 1 hour of play being suspended, the match is abandoned. Please review the Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play which has more detailed information about Bowls Victoria’s heat policy.



Laws of the Sports of Bowls Crystal Mark Third Edition  (The Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Third Edition is now in place for all events across Australia.)

Policy Title: Instantaneous Penalties

Doncaster Bowling Club Selection criteria 2015/2016